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Town (or spawn) is the area in which all players spawn and recall to. It is full of shops and NPCs, and has a healing fountain. It also has a secret area. A bank is also here, so players can store items. Guards are stationed around town to kill Player Killers if they stay too long.


The shops that are in town are:

- Potion shop

This shop sells all kinds of potions, from health to mana to antipoison to XP. It also sells all sizes of potions.

- Armor shop

This shop sells all tiers of armor (except for legendary armor). It also contains the entrance to the secret area.

- Melee/Ranged shop

This shop sells bronze, iron, steel, and mithril variants of daggers, battleaxes, shortswords, and longswords. It also sells the Novice, Apprentice, Master, and Scatter bows, as well as arrows and quivers. There are potions and scrolls on shelves as well. The shopkeeper is a bald man with a steel Ceyl and an eyepatch. This shop contains one of the keys required to get into the secret area.

- Magic shop

This shop sells Earthstrike, Flashfire, Frostshards, Greaterhealally, Healally, Heal, Lesseralchemy, Lesserheal, and Shadowbolt spells, as well as Earthstrike, Flashfire, Frostshards, Greaterhealally, Healally, Heal, Lesserheal, Recall, and Shadowbolt scrolls. Mana and XP potions are for sale as well. There are also Apprentice, Dark, Earth, Flame, Ice, Light, and Mage staffs avalible. The shopkeeper appears to be a warlock with a witches hat and an unknown staff.

- Cart

This shop sells a bronze dagger and a recall scoll.

No shop in town sells legendary weapons or instruments.

Secret Area[edit]

To get to the secret area, one must first collect 4 keys. These keys are in chests in the following areas: On a roof, in a shop, under a bridge, and behind a cart. Then the entrance is inside of the armor shop, up a staircase. Once in the secret area, there is no way out except for a recall scroll.


- The town has many opportunities for parkour and large jumps, making this a fun activity when you're bored.

- The town appears slightly overgrown and rustic, suggesting the citizens dont really care about landscaping.

- Before the current town, there was another one that had simpler buildings.