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There are a total of 4 bows, all purchasable in town. There is a Novice Bow, Apprentice Bow, Master Bow and Scatter Bow. Each bow has a draw time before it's ready to fire.

Bows use arrows to fire, so you need to manage your resources to use a bow. Arrows can be obtained from dungeon shops as well as from treasure chests and bosses/minibosses. Arrows also have a recovery chance depending on which bow you're using, and armor you're wearing (See Ranged Armor below).

The base amount of arrows a player can hold is 25, but this can be raised with ranger armor (See Ranged Armor below) or by holding Quiver's in ones' inventory. There are 10-slot quivers sold in town for 100 gold and 25-slot quivers that can be found in the dungeon from boss/miniboss drops.

  • Novice Bow
-Damage 30
-Cost: 75 gold
-0% Recovery Chance
  • Apprentice Bow
-Damage 40
-Cost: 500 gold
-20% Recovery Chance
  • Master Bow
-Damage 65
-Cost: 1200 gold
-30% Recovery Chance
  • Scatter Bow
-Damage 60 - Shoots 4 arrows
-Cost: 2000 gold
-30% Recovery chance

Ranged Armor[edit]

Can be bought at spawn from the armor shop. As well as Tier 2 armor (Hunter Armor) is an uncommon drop from bosses.

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Poacher Armor 600 Increases Arrow Storage by 20

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 10%

Decreases damage taken by 10%

Decreases Mana Regen by 20%

Decreases Spell Damage by 15%

Hunter Armor 1500 Increases Arrow Storage by 35

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 20%

Decreases damage taken by 15%

Decreases Mana Regen by 15%

Decreases Spell Damage by 10%

Ranger Armor 8000 Increases Arrow Storage by 50

Increases Arrow Recovery Chance by 30%

Decreases damage taken by 20%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

Decreases Spell Damage by 5%