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There are two bow types that players can choose from: swiftbows and crossbows. Crossbows are perfect for long range attacks given their higher projectile speed alongside being accurate while standing still. This is offset by its slower firing speed and no base recovery chance compared to swiftbows. Swiftbows have the potential to rival the DPS of most weapons due to their fast firing speed and high recovery chance. They lack the high projectile speed that crossbows have and generally have poor accuracy.

Bows use arrows to fire, so you need to manage your resources to use a bow. Arrows can be replenished from dungeon shops, chests, or through the use of quivers. Arrows also have a recovery chance depending on which bow you're using and armor you're wearing (See Ranged Armor below).

Name Damage/Firing Rate Base Recovery Chance Alternate Firing DMG
Novice Bow 25 DMG, 0.55s per shot 0% None
Hunter's Swiftbow 30 DMG, 0.55s per shot 10% 30 DMG per projectile, 8s cooldown
Hunter's Crossbow 60, 1.15s per shot 0% 30 DMG per projectile, 8s cooldown
Ranger's Swiftbow 35 DMG, 0.3s per shot 20% 35 DMG per projectile, 7s cooldown
Ranger's Crossbow 80, 1.15s per shot 0% 40 DMG per projectile, 7s cooldown
Elvish Swiftbow 40 DMG, 0.2s per shot 30% 40 DMG per projectile, 6s cooldown
Dwarven Crossbow 100, 1.35s per shot 0% 50 DMG per projectile, 6s cooldown

All bows have a special attack feature alongside their basic attack. Unlike Legendaries, they don't tap into one's "special attack gauge" but rely on a cooldown between uses. Swiftbows will rapidly fire several arrows, whereas crossbows will instantly shoot out several arrows in a fanning formation. Using one's special attack doesn't use up arrows, but requires for ranger-type armour to be equipped.

Arrow Modifiers[edit]

Rangers have select amount of items that they can use to apply unique effects to their arrows. The amount of arrows that are affected can be increased through the usage of Ranger-class armour.

Name Effect Gold Cost
Paralysis Toxin Applies a stacking slowing effect to the user's arrows. Each arrow applies a 80% reduction in the affected's movement speed. 800
Poison Applies a poison effect to the user's arrows. Each arrow applies two poison stacks to the affected. 1000
Fire Crystal Applies a fire effect to the user's arrows. Each arrow applies a few seconds of fire DMG to the affected. ~4200
Thermite Shrapnel Turns the user's arrows into burning shrapnel. Each shot is now split into seven arrows, which fires in a shotgun-esque fashion. ~6000

Ranged Armor[edit]

Can be bought at spawn from the armor shop. An uncommon drop from bosses is the Poacher Armor and the Hunter Armor.

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Poacher Armor 600 Increases Arrow Storage by 20

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 10%

Increases arrow modifiers by 3

Decreases damage taken by 10%

Decreases Mana Regen by 20%

Decreases Spell Damage by 15%

Hunter Armor 1500 Increases Arrow Storage by 35

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 20%

Increases arrow modifiers by 6

Decreases damage taken by 15%

Decreases Mana Regen by 15%

Decreases Spell Damage by 10%

Ranger Armor 20000 Increases Arrow Storage by 50

Increases Arrow Recovery Chance by 30%

Increases arrow modifiers by 9

Decreases damage taken by 20%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

Decreases Spell Damage by 5%