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There are a total of 4 bows, all purchasable in town. There is a Novice Bow, Apprentice Bow, Master Bow and Scatter Bow. Each bow has a draw time before it's ready to fire.

Bows use arrows to fire, so you need to manage your resources to use a bow. Arrows can be obtained from dungeon shops as well as from treasure chests and bosses/minibosses. Arrows also have a recovery chance depending on which bow you're using, and armor you're wearing (See Ranged Armor below).

The base amount of arrows a player can hold is 25, but this can be raised with Ranger armor, (See Ranged armor below), or by holding Quivers in one's inventory. There are 10-slot quivers sold in town for 100 gold and 25-slot quivers that can be found in the dungeon from boss/miniboss drops, and rarely found in dungeon shops for ~1,200 gold.

  • Novice Bow
-Damage 30
-Cost: 75 gold
-0% Recovery Chance
  • Apprentice Bow
-Damage 40
-Cost: 500 gold
-20% Recovery Chance
  • Master Bow
-Damage 65
-Cost: 1200 gold
-30% Recovery Chance
  • Scatter Bow
-Damage 40 - Shoots 4 arrows
-Cost: 2000 gold
-30% Recovery chance

Ranged Armor[edit]

Can be bought at spawn from the armor shop. An uncommon drop from bosses is the Poacher Armor and the Hunter Armor.

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Poacher Armor 600 Increases Arrow Storage by 20

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 10%

Decreases damage taken by 10%

Decreases Mana Regen by 20%

Decreases Spell Damage by 15%

Hunter Armor 1500 Increases Arrow Storage by 35

Increases Arrow Recovery chance by 20%

Decreases damage taken by 15%

Decreases Mana Regen by 15%

Decreases Spell Damage by 10%

Ranger Armor 8000 Increases Arrow Storage by 50

Increases Arrow Recovery Chance by 30%

Decreases damage taken by 20%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

Decreases Spell Damage by 5%