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There are 5 melee weapon tiers. Each scaling in strength, from weakest to strongest, there is Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, and Adamantite.

In each melee weapon tier, there are also different weapon types that have different strengths, again weakest to strongest is Dagger, Shortsword, Battleaxe, and Longsword. There are additional weapons, that have the same stats as their corresponding types, but a different appearence. The variants are...

Dagger - Dirk and Knife

Shortsword - Ceyl and Scimitar

Battleaxe - Greataxe and Broadaxe

Longsword - Jian and Odachi

These variants can only be found in the dungeon from dungeon shops or boss/miniboss drops, whereas the basic design can be bought in town. Here is an example of every melee weapon type...


All basic melee types and tiers can be purchased in town (except adamantite), they also all have the same reach and attack speed. But each has different damage...

Tier Type Damage Gold Cost
Bronze Dagger 5 1
Shortsword 6 60
Battleaxe 7 120
Longsword 8 200
Iron Dagger 9 300
Shortsword 10 450
Battleaxe 11 650
Longsword 12 800
Steel Dagger 13 1200
Shortsword 14 1500
Battleaxe 15 1800
Longsword 16 2200
Mithril Dagger 17 4200
Shortsword 18 5000
Battleaxe 19 5200
Longsword 20 5500
Adamantite* Dagger 21 ~9000
Shortsword 22 ~10000
Battleaxe 23 ~11000
Longsword 24 ~12000

*Adamantite is not purchasable in town and is a rare drop from minibosses or shops on lower floors

Additionally, there are Legendary Swords.

Melee Armor[edit]

Can be bought at spawn from the armor shop. As well as Tier 2 armor (Chainmail Armor) is an uncommon drop from Bosses.

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Leather Armor 500 Decreases damage taken by 15% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Lowers Spell Damage by 20%

Chainmail Armor 2000 Decreases damage taken by 25% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Can't cast spells

Plate Armor 5000 Decreases damage taken by 35% Lowers Mana Regen by 30%

Can't cast spells

Heavy Plate Armor 9000 Decreases damage taken by 50% Lowers Mana Regen by 50%

Can't cast spells

Holy Knight Armor Free* Decreases damage taken by 35%

Increases Spell Damage by 5%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

*Holy Knight Armor is only obtainable for lawful players. It is received from a Lawful altar in the dungeon. Upon interacting with the altar and the player having Heavy Plate or Magister Robes in their inventory, they'll be prompted if they'd want their armor to be transformed. If they accept, their armor will be transfigured into the Holy Knight Armor. In the case of having two armors that can be transfigured, Sarmina will opt to transfigure the armor that comes first in the player's inventory.