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Legendary Weapons[edit]

Most Legendary weapons in the game at the moment are swords, tailored toward the melee class. However, a legendary bow and a legendary staff do exist.

There are currently seven Legendary swords all with varying effects. They are 'Fire and Ice', 'Body and Mind', 'Light and Shadow', 'Feast and Famine', 'War and Peace', 'Draggon Dagger (p++)', and 'Gram'. All of the Legendary swords have a ~1.3 APS (attacks per second), compared to that of the basic swords that have a ~4 APS. The Legendary swords compensate for this by having higher damage and special effects. All Legendaries are rarely found on Golden Pedestals on floor four and below.

Most Legendary swords have a special effect which randomly activates on hitting an enemy, and a "ultimate" ability that rarely activates on hitting an enemy.

Name Damage Cost Effect Ultimate
Fire and Ice 60 15,000 gold Burns or freezes target. Critical hit that deals massive damage.
Body and Mind 40 15,000 gold Restores mana or HP. Increases maximum HP or mana by two and five points respectively. (Bonuses will be lost upon death.)
Light and Shadow 55 15,000 gold Heal yourself or blinds target. Massive self heal and critical hit to target.
Feast and Famine 45 15,000 gold Heal yourself or poisons target. Increases player size until you log off or die.*
War and Peace 70 15,000 gold Heals self or burns target. Does a stronger variant of the base effects.
Dragon Dagger (P++) 22 15,000 gold Every attack adds 12 poison to target. Uses special attack energy for its special ability. Special right click ability that deals several rapid hits.
Gram 70 25,000 gold, -15 alignment and curse** Same attack speed as basic swords. Critical hit that deals massive damage.

*Increased player size increases player damage, damage resistance, speed, reach and projectile size. HOWEVER, if you grow too much you will get a curse!

**The curse takes up an inventory slot and lowers max HP by 350.

Gram is obtained from a floating book, rather than a gold pedestal. Upon buying the Gram it is soulbound and can't be dropped or traded, and it dissappears on death.

  • Fire and Ice
  • Body and Mind
  • Light and Shadow
  • Feast and Famine
  • War and Peace
  • Dragon Dagger (P++)

Other Legendaries[edit]

Firework Launcher
  • Firework Launcher
-Shoots harmless rockets that explode into various colors and sizes. Costs 25 mana per rocket shot.
-Costs 12,000 gold.
  • Tricorder
-Scans players or items to show stats.
-Scanning a player shows the player's current inventory, as well as their BL_ID and current %HP.
-Scanning a weapon will show that weapon's damage.
-Costs 11,000 gold.
  • Archangel's Staff
-60% cost reduction on Light Spells.
-Uses special attack energy for its special ability.
-Special ability: Creates a barrier in front of the player. While the barrier is active, the player is invulnerable to all damage; however, the player is not immune to all negative effects.
-Costs 25,000 gold.
  • Crystal Bow
-Has a 30% arrow recovery chance on arrows.
-Deals 70 damage per arrow.
-Uses special attack energy for its special ability.
-Special ability: Rapid fires three arrows. Using the ability does not consume one's arrows, but costs 150 mana. You also need arrows to be activate the ability.
-Costs 25,000 gold.

Additionally there are instruments which can be found on legendary pedestals.

Archangel's Staff
Crystal Bow