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Magic uses the resource of mana, which regenerates over time. Armor changes the generation rate (See Magic Armor Below) and if you stand still for 10 seconds, your mana regeneration will double. Additionally, there are Mana Potions that can be bought in town, or found in dungeon shops and boss/miniboss drops.

A players maximum mana increases every level, and can also be raised by interacting with altars in the dungeon. Or by using the Legendary sword 'Body and Mind' (See Legendaries)

There are also Scroll Variants of every spell, which costs no mana but are a one-time use per scroll. Scroll versions of a spell typically have an intrinsic boost to their spell damage, and ignore the spell damage modifier of any armor you're wearing. There is a rare spell that can only be found in scroll form on lower floors, this spell is Sunburst.


Spells can be cast with the command /cast or /c followed by the spell you would like to cast (e.g. /cast frostshards). This method can not be used in combat. However, it is also possible to bind spells to a staff with the command /autocast followed by the spell you would like to cast (e.g. /autocast frostshards). This method can be used in combat. The staff will decrease the cost of any spell you cast while hosting it which matches the its element. (e.g. Using the spell frostshards on an ice staff saves 40% of the mana cost).

Old Staff shop

All staves can be bought in spawn except Archangel's Staff (See Legendaries)

Name Gold Cost Effect
Apprentice Staff 75 Saves 10% mana on all spells
Mage Staff 300 Saves 20% mana on all spells
Fire Staff 600 Saves 40% mana on Fire spells
Earth Staff 1000 Saves 40% mana on Earth spells
Light Staff 1500 Saves 30% mana on Light spells
Dark Staff 2000 Saves 50% mana on Dark spells
Ice Staff 2500 Saves 40% mana on Ice spells
Archangel's Staff 25000 Saves 60% mana on Light spells


Name Gold Cost Element Base Damage (direct hit) Mana Cost
Combat Spells
Frostshards 3000 Ice 21 (x 18 = 378) 60 Shoots 18 projectiles
Shadowbolt 2000 Dark 162 30 Can cast without meeting the required mana, which will cause Mana burn
Earthstrike 1000 Earth 90 20 Has a large AoE which makes it very effective on groups of enemies
Flashfire 75 Fire 45 10
Sunburst 2000-3000 Light 650 (Extra damage often possible due to high knockback causing impact damage) N/A Only obtainable in scroll form from dungeon shops or Minibosses
Name Gold Cost Element Effect Mana Cost
Neutral Spells
Heal(Lesser/Normal/Greater) 300/1500/8000 Light Heals 15/50/150 health 30/75/150 Greater only found on Legendary pedestal or Boss drop
Alchemy(Lesser/Normal/Greater) 300/2000/8000 Arcane Transforms item into 10%/20%/30% gold of it's value 20/75/200 Normal only found in Dungeon Shop

Grater only found on Legendary Pedestal

Piety Free Arcane Toggles the caster's ability to damage players without player-killer status 10 Only obtainable for lawful players from Blue altars in dungeon
Dash 4000 Arcane Propels the caster forwards for a moment 20 Only found on Legendary Pedestal
Recall 1 Arcane Teleports the caster back to town Free/Scroll Obtainable from Blue altars, dungeon shops, and in town
Support Spell HealAlly (Normal/Greater) 100/1500 Light Heals 40/120 health to target ally 50/100

Visuals for each spell here

Magic Armor[edit]

Magic users trade their durability in combat for high damage output at a range, while also bearing in mind that they have practically unlimited sustainability in the dungeon due to mana being the only resource they must manage.

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Apprentice Robes 800 Increases Mana Regen by 20%

Increases Spell Damage by 10%

Increases damage taken by 20%
Mage Robes 3000 Increases Mana Regen by 50%

Increases Spell Damage by 20%

Increases damage taken by 30%
Magister Robes 11000 Increases Mana Regen by 100%

Increases Spell Damage by 50%

Increases damage taken by 40%
Holy Knight Armor Free* Decreases damage taken by 35%

Increases Spell Damage by 5%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

*Holy Knight Armor is only obtainable for lawful players. It is received from a Lawful altar in the dungeon. Upon interacting with the altar and the player having Heavy Plate or Magister Robes in their inventory, they'll be prompted if they'd want their armor to be transformed. If they accept, their armor will be transfigured into the Holy Knight Armor. In the case of having two armors that can be transfigured, Sarmina will opt to transfigure the armor that comes first in the player's inventory.