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There are 4 types of potions, Health, Mana, Antipoison and Experience.

All potions can be bought in the potion shop in spawn and come in 3 different sizes each. They can also all be found from dungeon chests and boss/miniboss drops.

Potion type Size Affect Gold Cost
Health Tiny Heals 45 health 50
Medium Heals 100 health 150
Large Heals 250 health 250
Mana* Tiny Restores 125 mana 40
Medium Restores 250 mana 100
Large Restores 600 mana 200
Antipoison Medium Cures 20 poison 50
Large Cures 100 poison 500
Experience Tiny Grants 325 experience 900
Medium Grants 750 experience 1750
Large Grants 1750 experience 4000

*Drinking too many mana potions and going too far above your max mana can curse you.


Compass- Compasses are used to find bosses on floors 1 and 2. A compass can be found in dungeon shops on floor 1 and 2 and costs around 1000-3000 gold.

Arrows- Arrows are required to use bows when playing as a ranger. Arrows can be obtained in many different ways, including: purchased from weapon shop in spawn, bought from dungeon shops, found in dungeon chests and dropped from bosses/minibosses.

Quiver- Quivers increase the maximum amount of arrows a player can carry. Quivers come in 2 variants, 10 slot and 25 slot. 10 slot quivers can be bought in the weapon shop in spawn for 100 gold and 25 slot quivers are dropped from bosses/minibosses.