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There are 4 types of potions, Health, Mana, Antipoison and Experience.

All potions can be bought in the potion shop in spawn and come in 3 different sizes each. They can also all be found from dungeon chests and boss/miniboss drops.

Potion type Size Effect Gold Cost
Health Tiny Heals 100 health 50
Medium Heals 200 health 150
Large Heals 400 health 250
Can overcharge*
Tiny Restores 200 mana 40
Medium Restores 400 mana 100
Large Restores 800 mana 200
Antipoison Medium Cures 20 poison 50
Large Cures 100 poison 500
Experience Tiny Grants 650 experience 1800
Medium Grants 1500 experience 3500
Large Grants 3500 experience 8000

*The higher your overcharge is, the faster your mana will drain.


Foods are items which are consumed to grant healing over a fixed amount of time. You can eat up to 10 food items before you need to start waiting for one to finish its effect.

Food name Total healing Healing time (seconds) Price Food Category
Cherries 60 240 25 Small
Hot-Cross Bun 80 240 40 Small
Cinnamon Bun 80 180 40 Small
Apple 60 180 45 Small
Bread Bun 100 240 50 Small
Drumstick 160 480 80 Medium (Big*)
Steak 200 480 90 Medium (Big*)
Baguette 500 480 150 Large (Huge*)

*Internal size name


Compass - Compasses are used to find the major floor bosses. A compass can be found in dungeon shops or as rare boss drops. Values at 2000 gold.

Golden Idol - A rare and valuable statuette. This item is useful as a sacrifice at altars, as a crafting component, or you can cast alchemy on it to get a decent chunk of money from it. Values at 9999 gold.

Challenge Stone - A rare stone found in the dungeon and sometimes is a drop from Challenge major floor bosses variant. Consuming the stone will activate challenge mode for the next encountered major floor boss. Values at 1500 gold.

Seal Breaker - Used to activate The Oathbreaker. Priceless

Potion Bag - Drop from The Oathbreaker. Can hold up to 4 potions. Values at 5000 gold.