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Large Room that Mini-bosses and Minions Spawn in

Minibosses can be encountered on floor two and lower. Minibosses' health scales according to how many players are nearby and their level. Note that you can encounter rooms where there are multiple minibosses!

Scorpion Miniboss[edit]

The Scorpion miniboss will charge directly at the first player it detects or deals damage to it. Upon sustaining heavy damage or being struck with a melee attack, it'll attempt to run away whilst laying an egg. If players aren't able to destroy the egg quickly enough, it can hatch into a Spitter that'll lob poison attacks.

On lower floors, the Scorpion will drop more eggs whilst fleeing, and the eggs can hatch into Spider Spitters instead of your usual Mite Spitter.

Mantis Miniboss[edit]

The Mantis miniboss will approach the nearest enemy before pausing a short distance away. After 1.5 seconds, it'll charge towards its target and attack rapidly for 2 seconds before flying away and launching numerous poison attacks.

At floors four and lower, it can potentially give the Mind Toxin curse.

Dark Wraith[edit]

The Dark Wraith can be found in floor four and will spawn with numerous allies. It alternates between using a longsword that can pull players towards it when it perform its combo and using a long range magic blast.

Wasp Swarm[edit]

Occasionally, the player may encounter a large wasp swarm instead of the usual miniboss. Having low health but being incredibly fast, wasps can easily kill a lone adventurer if they're unable to fend them off.

Mesmerizing Shade[edit]

The Mesmerizing Shade can be found in floor four and below. A ranged spellcaster, it's main gimmick is spawning clones to teleport around with.


When attempting to obtain Gram, players must first fight against Mashhit before being able to claim their reward. Mashhit comes in three variants: Corrupting, Bloodthirsty, and Amok. Corrupting variants apply more curse stacks than usual, Bloodthirsty variants heal upon successfully landing a hit on you, and Amok variants deal more damage.

Mashhit will initially wield a spear when attacking in melee and switch to a Shadow Bolt attack when at range. Occasionally, they'll coat a 16x16 area with fire to limit the area that players can move safely. Upon dropping to ~15% HP, Mashhit will pull out a longsword for melee attacks which is impossible to dodge. If the player breaks line of sight with Mashhit, they'll teleport to an area nearby the player.

Mind-Torn Guard[edit]

Due to the influences of the Void and the dungeon, a wandering guard has lost sight of their main goal. Upon sighting a player, the guard will declare them as a player killer and that they're to be struck down. Much like Mashhit, the guard will switch to a shortsword when in melee range or a bow when far away. The damage output that the guard can deal is immense, and it's generally advised to keep a fair distance to have a better chance of surviving the ordeal.

When the guard initially drops to ~45% HP, the guard will receive Sarmina's blessing alongside regenerating most of their health. Whilst in this state, most damage dealt to them will be reduced by 35%.

As a last ditch attempt, it'll fire off a Sunburst spell upon reaching ~15% HP.