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Floors are large areas in the dungeon. There are six in total, with enemies getting stronger the farther down you venture. In addition, bosses can be found in arenas on the first three floors with minibosses randomly appearing in Floor 2 and lower. The way to get to lower floors is via randomly generated staircases, or through a portal if you've defeated the boss that resides on the floor. Altars are randomly generated structures that allow for you to connect to a specific god through tithes and sacrificed items. Shops can also randomly spawn, with a selection of 4 items on shelves for lowered prices than things in town (if they are in town at all). Legendary pedestals are another randomly generated structure and from them you will be able to buy legendary weapons and rare items for large amounts of gold.

Floor 1: Ground[edit]

Floor 1 is the ground floor, also referred to as floor 0. The general environment is a grassy area enclosed by gray walls and woodland areas. On floor 1, players will encounter mites, dragonflies, armoured beetles and thieves as their main enemies. Floor 1 is home to the Troll Boss.

Floor 2: Cave[edit]

Floor 2 is a few bricks underground. It is nearly entirely comprised of dirt, with the floor being quite rough. It has slightly stronger enemies than the first floor, but they're mostly the same. This floor introduces Goblins and Bug Queens, also known as spitters. The Scorpion and Mantis minibosses will start appearing in rooms at this point as well. Floor 2 is home to the Spider Boss.

Floor 3: Temple[edit]

Floor 3 is further down than floor 2, and has a distinct temple aesthetic. Sometimes, rooms will generate with ivy or moss on the walls and floor. Floor 3 introduces the Dark Wraith miniboss into potential fights. Floor 3 is sacred ground to the Cursed Knight.

Floor 4: Magma[edit]

Floor 4 has a molten aesthetic, and appears to be made out of heated rock. Enemies are intense here, so be prepared. Legendary pedestals start to appear on floors 4 and lower. Floor 4 introduces the Mesmerizing Shade and Wasp swarms. Floor 4 is home to the Excavator.

Floor 5: Flesh[edit]

Floor 5 is made of flesh, and is quite horrific. Enemies here are even stronger than ones on floor 4, so be careful in combat. Floor 5 is where you can encounter the Gram Book as well as Mashhit. Floor 5 is home to the Frost Fire Mage (Oathbreaker when FFM is out of commission).

Floor 6: Simulation[edit]

Floor 6 is made to look like a crude simulation of floor 1. The enemies here are the strongest ones in the game. Good luck. Floor 6 is where you can encounter Mind-Torn Guards, beware their sunburst attack at low hp.


- Staircases can sometimes spawn on top of each other, creating an extremely odd looking area.

- The pedestals that spawn legendary items can spawn on a staircase, leaving a floating pedestal.

- If you get more than 25 growths with the Feast & Famine you cannot go down staircases anymore. [verification needed]

- Before the various tile sets for floors 4 and lower were completed, rooms were relatively blank. What constituted as stairs was three columns that the players needed to jump on to get onto a higher floor. Depending on what level you were, sometimes you couldn't get out!

- It is possible to return to floor 5 from floor 6.