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In Age of Dungeons, you can acquire curses which hinder you by taking up an inventory slot as well as additional debuffs. Curses are lost upon death.

Known Curses

Broken Wings - "Sarmina relinquishes her blessings upon you." Having Holy Knight Armor then becoming chaotic. Deducts 300 max health and 500 max mana.

Mana Shock - "Too much mana isn't very good for you." Acquired by overcharging mana to more than double your max mana, then drinking a mana potion. Deducts 200 max mana.

Growing Pains - "Bigger isn't always better." Acquired by increasing size 21 times or more using legendary sword Feast and Famine. 15% more damage from all sources.

Mind Toxin - No Quote. Acquired by being damaged by Mantis miniboss. Causes poison to reduce mana alongside health.

Demon's Mark - "Your soul is forfeit." Acquired upon purchasing Gram. Deducts 350 max health.