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In Age of Dungeons, you can acquire curses which hinder you by taking up an inventory slot as well as additional debuffs. Curses are lost upon death.

Known Curses[edit]

Broken Wings - "Sarmina relinquishes her blessings upon you." Having Holy Knight Armor then becoming chaotic. Deducts 300 max HP and 500 max mana.

Mana Shock - "Too much mana isn't very good for you." Acquired by overcharging mana to more than double your max mana, then drinking a mana potion. Deducts 200 max mana.

Growing Pains - "Bigger isn't always better." Acquired by increasing size 21 times or more using legendary sword Feast and Famine. 15% more damage from all sources.

Mind Toxin - No quote. Acquired by being damaged by the Mantis miniboss. Causes poison to reduce mana alongside health.

Demon's Mark - "Your soul is forfeit." Acquired upon purchasing Gram. Deducts 350 max health.

Sarmina's Vengence - No quote. Acquired upon killing another player whose karma status is not orange or red, and is 10 levels lower than you. The curse can be acquired multiple times. Players with this curse take 50% more damage from light magic, such as Sunburst. This debuff stacks effectiveness with each additional copy of the curse the player has.

Removed Curses[edit]

COVID-19 - "This is no laughing matter." Initially acquired by interacting with a Chaos altar while having an alignment score equal to Neutral or Lawful. It could then be spread via cursed players clicking those without the curse. Players who had the curse only suffered from having one inventory slot taken up by the curse. There were unconfirmed rumors that the curse also reduced the amount of EXP a player gained. Removal reason: April Fools' joke.