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There are a total of five bosses in AoD currently. Not to be confused with minibosses.

Bosses reset every 2 hours at dungeon generation; many players will group up and rush the bosses right when the server resets.

The bosses can be found on their corresponding floor. To find them, you will need a compass, which can be found in dungeon shops. Follow the North needle to find the boss on that floor.

Bosses can also be upgraded through the usage of a Challenge Stone, which increases their DMG, HP, and may add different actions.

Boss' HP and rewards are based off a hidden formula that relates to how many players are online and what level those players are.

Troll Boss

The Troll boss is a simple-minded troll which has two forms of attack: directly hitting you, or throwing boulders. Both have a slight area of effect. It will usually resort to hitting a player directly unless that player is too far away, or outside of the main courtyard area in the ruin. The boulders have a strong knockback and violently shake your screen. Like many bosses, the troll will strongly prioritize the players that are closest to it; but will also more strongly consider players that are doing a lot more damage to it.

Challenge mode variant: The troll attacks much faster, and squads of Goblins with stats comparable to those found on F5 will spawn periodically at the sides of the ruin.

Spider Boss

The Spider boss has 2 stages, on the ground and on the roof.

During its initial stage, it will be on the ground. It will run out and attempt to grab a player then run back to the center of the room to eat them. The grabbed player cannot recall or escape the spider on their own terms, but can attack the spider while being eaten if using a melee weapon. After 20 seconds, or after the spider takes damage equal to 10% of its max HP (whichever comes first), the spider will release the grabbed player and switch attack phases. Each bite of the player will heal the spider for a percentage of its lost HP, which means it is especially important to avoid being grabbed when the spider is nearing death so it can be finished off.

After the eating phase, numerous spiderlings will spawn around the arena to attack players with weak melee attacks. Meanwhile, the spider will fire off a barrage of poison balls that apply 11 stacks of poison each. Shortly after the boss is finished spitting poison, the boss will switch back to its grabbing attack phase.

While below 50% HP, the spider will jump up to the ceiling and remain up there any time it is not attempting to grab a player. Having access to ranged attacks is important for finishing the fight effectively.

  • Tip: Burning and Blood Curse can be used on the spider to mitigate its healing, making the fight easier to finish out.

Challenge mode variant: Healing from eating a player is increased. Grabbed players take more damage from being eaten. Poison stacks applied from the spider's ranged attacks are increased to 22. Spiderlings have increased health and attack damage.

Cursed Knight

The Cursed Knight is a paladin on floor 3. Due to the influences of the dungeon, it has mutated to a size rivaling the Troll boss whilst enchanting its weapon to drop pools of corruption.

Before the fight begins, the Cursed Knight will give any trespassers 10 seconds to leave the room. Once that time is up, the paths into the room will be destroyed about 2 seconds after it starts combat. The Cursed Knight's attack pattern comprises of two modes: projectile reflection and a devastating overhead swing that can instantly kill most players if directly hit. When the projectile reflection ability is used, the Cursed Knight will stop and face a single direction while channeling the ability which destroys any projectiles which come near the front of it. Once finished channeling, the knight will begin rapidly firing a doubled quantity of all absorbed projectiles back at the player who fired the majority of them. The Cursed Knight occasionally pulls players in before performing an attack. As the Cursed Knight's health decreases, particularly around the 50% mark, its mace attacks will swing much faster.

Each swing will leave behind a "puddle" of corruption that remains active for 20 seconds. While touching this puddle, you will rapidly accumulate "corruption", up to 100 points, after which you obtain a random curse.

The room is lined by a roman bath style body of boiling water. Being in the boiling water deals a percentage of your remaining HP, making it particularly devastating to your health pool while near maximum health. If you're thrown into the water at a low health percentage, it may take longer than you might expect for it to kill you.

  • Tip: Although the mace swings faster later in the fight, the maximum damage it can deal scales inversely with the attack speed. So while it may be hitting you more reliably later on, the overall danger posed by being hit directly decreases substantially.

Challenge mode variant: The Cursed Knight's pull ability is used more frequently and is more effective at pulling players from the side. The projectile reflection ability will fire back four times as many projectiles instead of just double. The heated water surrounding the arena deals damage at a greatly increased rate.

The Excavator

The Excavator is a short but stout miner found in floor 4.

Their attack pattern alternates between slinging a large rock at players when at a distance or by performing a whirlwind attack or hitting the ground infront of them. Any boulders or pickaxe strikes that hit the ground will damage the floor. Their attacks are largely centered around dealing AoE.

Upon reaching half HP, it'll destroy any floors that it previously damaged and cause the room's ceiling to partially collapse dealing room-wide damage as rocks fall from the ceiling. It'll also overheat its pickaxe, with it now performing burning damage alongside flinging small pebbles that can damage players with every attack.

Challenge mode variant: Will now switch to phase two at 70% HP rather than at 50%. Applies an additional 30% damage to all attacks.

FrostFire Mage

The FrostFire Mage is an eons old mage that resides in floor five. Gone mad whilst dabbling in dark arts, they view any trespassers as mere sacrifices to their endless pursuit for immortality and power. The fight revolves largely around positioning, with many abilities requiring players to move strategically to avoid taking massive damage.

The FrostFire Mage has two primary combat phases: frost mode and fire mode.

For each rotation in the fire phase, the mage has three options: Hurl huge devastating fireballs at faraway players, perform a fiery leap towards the nearest player, or fire a cone of flames at players in melee range. The mage will rotate between these three abilities in that order when applicable. If no players are far away, the fireballs will be skipped. If players are in melee range, the leap will be skipped. If the cone or fireballs would be used more than twice in a row, the rotation is complete and the mage will teleport randomly to a new position to restart the ability rotation.

All attacks in the fire rotation will apply a long lasting burning debuff that will constantly damage the player until they douse themselves in the pools of blood in the room.

When the FrostFire Mage is in the frost phase, they'll walk towards the center of the room before conjuring a blizzard at their location. While generating the blizzard, large ice crystals will form above players before dropping down, dealing damage and a slowing effect. It takes roughly two seconds for the crystals to form and fall. Being affected by too many ice debuffs can trap you in an icy prison.

Upon dropping to 1/4 of their HP, the FrostFire Mage becomes invincible and cleanses all poison as the entire server temporarily goes dark. The FrostFire Mage then summons lost souls that each have 1/12 of their HP. The FrostFire Mage will drain 250 HP per half second from the souls as healing. Any damage players do to the lost souls during this phase will deny that much healing to the boss, so it is encouraged to DPS the lost souls as much as possible. During this phase, the FrostFire Mage doesn't attack, so it's a good chance for anyone low on resources to get their bearings before the final phase begins.

  • After all lost souls are killed, the FrostFire Mage enters its combined frost and fire phase for the remainder of the fight. The combined phase is similar to the normal fire phase, except:
    • Frost crystals are summoned every time the boss uses its leap or cone attacks.
    • The cone attack applies slowing in addition to burning.
    • The teleport explosions apply slowing in addition to burning.

Challenge mode variant: Fire damage greatly increased. Delay between phase switches is shorter than normal. Darkness from summoning the lost souls remains for the duration of the fight. As more of the lost souls' HP is successfully drained by the boss, maximum visibility decreases even further.

  • Trivia: In challenge mode, the FrostFire Mage's final phases play different music.

The Oathbreaker

The Oathbreaker is a special "hidden" boss that can be found in FFM's boss arena after FFM has been defeated.. When it spawns in, it'll be encased in a crystal and requires a special item to be broken out of its prison. After a brief five second preparation time, the boss fight will begin.

Oathbreaker's melee attacks have wide sweeping properties, high damage, and sweetspot potential (extra damage dealt if hit at the edge of hitbox). It'll occasionally dash around the arena to catch players flatfooted and teleport back to start if it gets too close to the edge of the arena.

Upon reaching 80% HP, the Oathbreaker will switch to using ranged attacks alongside using extra melee attacks. Upon reaching 60% HP, Oathbreaker performs a DPS check. The players must destroy the shield that encases Oathbreaker within 30 seconds. Shield HP scales with the amount of players currently battling. After the DPS check is completed, Oathbreaker will shift into phase 2. Upon reaching 30% HP, another DPS check will be performed. They'll also randomly perform devastating room-wide attacks that must be avoided through positioning.

All of Oathbreaker's attacks apply a build-up of blood curse. Upon reaching 100 stacks, the blood curse becomes active, and you will be unable to heal by any means for the duration. When the blood curse wears off, an aura will surround the player and explode outwards after a few seconds. Any other players in range of the explosion will be afflicted with 20 points of buildup of blood curse.

Challenge mode variant: No challenge mode variant. The Oathbreaker is always a challenge.


  • The Troll Boss' room has a door intended for passage to floor 2 upon defeat of the Troll Boss, however this was not implemented.
  • There is a rare chance that the Troll Boss will spawn with hair.
  • There is a chance you can teleport directly into a boss lair.
  • Only opening one of the 4 doors at the floor 4 and 5 boss rooms can generate the boss rooms. Teleporting into them, whether on the level above or below, will not generate them.
  • There is a chance you can teleport below a boss room on the above floor (whether generated or not) and fall to the ground plane.
  • The Cursed Knight's room was originally designed to occupy parts of floors 3 and 4, but it ended up fitting entirely within floor 3. However, you can still hear floor 3 music if you are below the room on floor 4.
  • The Excavator room unnecessarily blocks floor 2 rooms above and can split mini-boss rooms on that floor in half.
  • If somebody in the FrostFire Mage's room is holding a Seal-Breaker, the FFM will mention it during the starting monologue.
  • The blood puddles in FFM's room will cleanse any fire debuff when stepped in, which can affect the boss itself. This could cause thermite users to generate large amounts of salt.
  • The FrostFire Mage spawns off-center and will not walk to the center as some other bosses do.
  • The FrostFire Mage is the only boss that is initiated by players getting within and staying in a certain radius as opposed to entering and remaining in the room. You can enter the room and go to a corner and the FFM will cancel its starting monologue as you will be outside the initialization radius.
  • In challenge mode, the FrostFire Mage's final phases play different music.
  • The FrostFire Mage disappears to 0, 0, -1000 between teleports
  • One of the lines Oathbreaker says mentions a certain character who lost sight of their original goal and has been caught in the eternal abyss.