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There are five melee weapon tiers. Each scaling in strength, from weakest to strongest, there is Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, and Adamantite.

All basic melee types and tiers can be purchased in town (except adamantite and mithril), they all have comparable strength within their material tier, but each type operates differently.

Tier Type Gold Cost
Bronze Dagger 1
Shortsword 100
Battleaxe 110
Longsword 120
Spear 110
Iron Dagger 400
Shortsword 410
Battleaxe 420
Longsword 430
Spear 420
Steel Dagger 1500
Shortsword 1550
Battleaxe 1600
Longsword 1650
Spear 1600
Mithril* Dagger 5000
Shortsword 5100
Battleaxe 5200
Longsword 5300
Spear 5200
Adamantite* Dagger 9000
Shortsword 9100
Battleaxe 9200
Longsword 9300
Spear 9200

*Mithril and Adamantite isn't purchasable in town and is a rare drop from bosses/minibosses or shops on lower floors.

After the 1.2 update was released, all of the melees were reworked to have special abilities when used in conjunction with melee-type armour alongside having unique characteristics. These abilities do not tap into the player's "special attack energy".

Dagger - Has the highest base DPS and fastest equip time, but lacks range.

- Shoots 3 daggers. Damage is based on material tier.

Shortsword - still remains the same but has equip animation which lasts for ~1.5 seconds

- Hold out a shield which will block all incoming projectiles, and slightly reduces incoming melee damage.

Battleaxe - Wide swing deals lower damage but cleaves all enemies in a wide arc, pushing them away. Downswing hits only one enemy but deals much greater damage.

- Can dash forwards towards enemies.

Longsword - Has the longest equip time but also has the largest range.

- Attacking near the edge of its range will deal extra bonus damage.

Spear - Has a long equip time and cannot hit targets at point blank, but can hit targets at a distance. Very high range for melee.

- Can dash backwards away from enemies.

Additionally, there are Legendary Swords.

Melee Armor

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Leather Armor 500 Decreases damage taken by 15% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Lowers Spell Damage by 20%

Cuirass Armor 1000 Decreases damage taken by 6+30% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Can't cast spells

Plate Armor 7000 Decreases damage taken by 10+40% Lowers Mana Regen by 30%

Can't cast spells

Heavy Plate Armor 20000 Decreases damage taken by 20+50% Lowers Mana Regen by 50%

Can't cast spells

Holy Knight Armor Crafted Decreases damage taken by 12+35%

Increases Spell Damage by 5%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

Most armours can be bought in the town shop or as drops from the various bosses. Heavy Plate Armour can only be earned from a legendary pedestal or as a rare boss drop.