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Whilst in the dungeon, players can come across various items through miniboss/boss drops. Serving no immediate purpose to the player, if they're able to keep a hold of it for long enough and has a combination of items in their inventory, they can combine multiple items to create substantially stronger items.

When using /pray for crafting, ensure that you have an alignment score greater than these numbers: If your alignment is Lawful, you must have a score greater than 500. If your alignment is Neutral, you'll only need a score greater than 250. If your alignment is Chaotic, you need a mere 100 to be able to craft.

Here are the following recipes that are known.

Name Materials Required Effect(s)
Poison Fang Golden Idol, Poison Bottle An amplified version of the normal Poison Bottle. Now deals 4 poison per arrow.
Wraithcutter Golden Idol, Gram, Sword Fragment. A soulbound item. Acts similarly to the sword Dark Wraith uses. Has a standard attack that can hit multiple targets with a slow swing speed. Has a special attack with a five second cooldown but extreme burst damage.
Holy Knight Armour Golden Idol, Mage Robes, Heavy Plate Armour Decreases damage taken by a flat 12 DMG alongside a 35% reduction. Decreases magic damage by 50%. Decreases mana regen by 60%.
Shadowbomb Golden Idol, Spell:Shadowbolt, Shadow Tome A dark spell with a large AoE radius and a powerful knockback. Uses 70 mana points and can be casted without meeting the required mana, which will cause mana burn.
Glass of Time Challenge Stone Extends the dungeon timer by 30 minutes.