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Game updates March 13th

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In light of the national emergency, some of you may have found yourselves with more free time than expected. For this reason, I have restarted AoD early to give people more things to play during this time. This is a minor update, and the current save data will continue to be used since there are no major changes to the game.

Minor changes
- Added new original music to the overworld composed by APX. (So make sure you have music downloads enabled!)
- Lawful players can now decline having their armor transformed.
- Fixed a bug where the Piety spell would protect their casters from self-damage. This was completely unintended.
- Major performance enhancement on the server side that should reduce server lag when opening large rooms such as boss chambers.

Servers will be going up soon. Hope to see you all here, I promise you can't get sick through the internet!
Thank you pecon for this
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