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Game updates December 18th

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Just another minor patch. I have more ambitious changes in the works to address curses, but I have not had time to work on those changes yet.

Minor changes
- Added an extra free starting bank slot. Everyone will have an extra bank slot, and this extra slot does not affect the pricing of bank upgrades.
- Added a small 'step' in the moat next to each bridge to help players jump out of the water.
- Fixed some other minor issues in the town build
- Linearly increased the price and effect of EXP potions by x5. This does not affect their gold to EXP ratios, but should help high level players be able to spend gold on EXP a bit faster. Hopefully this helps maintain their sanity.
- Fix players getting stuck in a wall after recalling or spawning.
- Made some changes to and fixed an exploit with a certain new legendary.
Bvi maybe captcha
da best update i guess
Finally we wont spawn in a wall
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