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Game updates December 11th

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This patch we're rolling out some new content!

New town!

- Contains all the same amenities as the previous town.
- A big thank you to The Brighter Dark for making this new town for the game!

Guard Changes
- Due to the new town having more tight spaces, guards have been buffed so they don't have to rely on piling so much to be a threat.
- Added an extra guard since coverage inside the town was so poor.
- Guards have had their AI improved slightly.
- Guards now teleport back to their station if they get stuck somewhere else for more than 30 seconds (Does not count time spent chasing players).

- Curses are a new mechanic and are triggered in specific circumstances.
- Each curse you are inflicted with consumes an inventory slot, and will force your lowest value item onto the ground if your inventory is full when you get one.
- Currently, curses can only be removed through death.
- Most curses can only occur once, but there are exceptions.
- The main goal with curses is to add a mechanic that permanently damages players and may eventually force them to die, which may help with controlling endless positive buffs.
- The secondary goal with certain curses is as a punishment to some things that don't warrant being removed completely, but need to be discouraged somehow.
- Some of you may experience curses immediately since they will be applied retroactively.

Magic Changes
- Light staff cost reduction reduced to 30% (was 50%)
- Frostshards base damage increased slightly.

Other changes/fixes
- Poison ticks now include a visual effect.
- Added some missing item icons.
- Some new items are now available in the legendary item pool.
- The 10 level difference player killing punishment is more effective now.
- Increased the amount of negative alignment that can be gained through karma.
- Guild creation cooldown increased to five minutes (was one minute).
- Large bounties are now properly supported.
- Doing /suicide or ctrl+k now brings up a confirmation prompt.
- Admins cannot leave the minigame and lose all their items anymore.
- Fixed a bug in trading that allowed you to 'offer' the same slot multiple times, which might have enabled some form of scamming.
- Piety's on/off state now saves through rejoins. (Note: Will still reset to off on death)

The servers will be down for a while, as I have to test some changes in the saving system and it is not safe to do those changes with the servers still running. I will post in the Discord when the servers are back up with the live patch.
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