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Game updates December 4th

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Just a minor patch.

Minor changes
- EXP drop rates for the Troll and Spider bosses have been changed to a logarithmic curve which tops out very quickly to keep EXP rates more sane.
- EXP drops from the Troll and Spider bosses now have additional scaling based on the number of participants in the fight, to keep group bossing worthwhile.
- Map culling timers have been increased for lower brickcounts. Rooms should despawn less frequently as long as the brickcount isn't very high.
- Spells and scrolls' centerprints now stick around as long as you're holding them, and go away immediately upon swapping to a different item.
- Detection for being outside the map has been improved.

Hotfixed during the last patch
- Fixed a tip that was out of date.
- Fixed some issues with Piety.
- Added some cool loading screens that you'll see when you connect if you have Blockland Glass installed.
- Fixed a bug where no items were retained if your player died while disconnected/crashed in the dungeon.
- Fixed a bug where items returned to you were not actually your best three items.
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