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Game updates November 29th

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Relatively short patch notes this week since most changes happened to/are secret content. You'll have to just find out what most of this is.

PvP changes
- Players with orange status can now recall during PvP combat just like normal status players.
- Players will no longer receive player killer status from killing orange/red status players with no bounty. Initially this was considered anti-griefing protection for player killers, but it seems to make lawful players too unwilling to engage in any PvP to begin with, even for claiming bounties. It also made self-defense much too complicated and risky.
- Career player killers may find that there is a now a punishment for killing a player more than 10 levels below their own. You'll just have to find out what it is.
- Lawful players now have access to a very small amount of new content. It is secret, and there may be similar updates for other alignments in the future.

Death changes
- Normal and orange status players will now retain their 3 highest value items on death. (Previously retained only their second highest value item)
- Player killers will now retain their second highest value item on death. (Previously retained nothing)

Boss changes
- The Spider boss should now be able to teleport itself back into its room if it somehow clips out of it.
- The Spider boss's ranged attack phase is now faster.

Sponsorship and schedule changes
Someone last week approached me asking if the game could be 24/7 if they paid for all the associated costs; and that is exactly what happened. We now have a 'sponsor' who has agreed to pay all servers costs each month so that the game can be hosted 24/7 rather than just on weekends. I won't name the sponsor here but if they want to be named I'm sure they'll call themselves out in the discord. While the game may be hosted every day of every week, I am personally reserving Wednesdays as a 'patch day' where I may take down the servers temporarily to perform needed updates. This should usually be a brief downtime, but it may span a significant portion of the day if I have to do updates to the saving system specifically.

The servers should be going up in an hour or so.
Jerry McLarry
A Naive Idiot
Just as a quick rain check, will someone still gain an orange name by attacking someone with an orange name under this patch?
Quote from: Jerry McLarry
Just as a quick rain check, will someone still gain an orange name by attacking someone with an orange name under this patch?

This should have never been the case, regular status players could always damage orange status players without penalty, the issue just came up if they killed said orange name player (if they had no bounty).
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