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AoD Reboot Nov 22nd 2019 + Patch notes

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Hello, it's been quite a while. AoD was gone for a quite a while since we thought we could pull off a massive update to create 'AoD 2', but due to loss of motivation that plan came to a halt and we've had to scrap most of that. Much more recently, I restarted work on making 'AoD 1' playable again by fixing some major underlying issues and then also adding some new stuff for fun. So what we have here would be more like an 'AoD 1.1' since this update is incompatible with the previous save data and adds a significant amount of cool new stuff; but it is not the massive all-encompassing overhaul we originally promised. So, to be clear this will be a fresh start, no old save data will be kept. Those of you who made significant progress may find your work immortalized in these charts I posted a few weeks ago, even if you 'wiped' yourself you might find yourself on the 'most EXP collected across all lives' and 'most time spent online' leaderboards.

Anyhow, with all that out of the way let's move right on to the changelog since we have some exciting changes to show off to you!

EXP system overhaul / Level changes
- EXP system totally rewritten in a robust manner that isn't full of issues like it was previously.
- Most of these changes are transparent to you, but basically it means there won't be strange discrepancies in EXP and levels anymore.
- New EXP to level curve. Generally speaking this curve is much steeper and we shouldn't see people getting much above level 30. Early levels are much faster now.
- EXP gains are now presented as a fancy ticker in the bottomprint UI and have a satisfying sound effect especially for large gains.
- Level-based player rewards (player speed, jump power, inventory size) have been been flattened out to level 30 (previously capped at level 16). Due to this the drastic differences in player speed and such should equate better to large differences in level and not cap out for practically everyone.

Balance and pacing changes
- When you die, you now only lose 10% of your total EXP (was 33%), or 25% if you're a player killer (was 50%).
- When you die, you now only drop 25% of all your gold (was 75%).
- Sources of bonus maximum Mana and HP have been significantly reduced to treat extreme overbuffing.
- Prices of weapons, spells, and armors have been significantly increased across the board.
- Some high tier spells have been removed from the magic shop and now can only be found in dungeon shops or certain drop tables.
- Dungeons shops should no longer randomly have junk from upper floors in them. Chests can still contain junk.
- The /cast (and /c) commands no longer work while in combat unless you're holding a staff. While using these in combat did sometimes present an interesting opportunity to show skill of quick typing, it also unintentionally gave a massive advantage to anyone with the know how to automate commands via keybinds or something similar. This means using magic for combat requires equipping a staff, which should make sense to everyone.
- I've taken a little bit of damage away from the standard melee weapon set and a bit from the higher tier ranged weapons (except scatter).

Boss Changes
- The Troll and Spider bosses now drop significantly more gold and EXP, and the amount scales with the difficulty of the boss (which scales off the total level of everyone on the server).
- When the Troll or Spider boss dies, the gold and EXP rewards are automatically split up and shared with everyone who participated in the fight.

New Spells
- New lesser/regular/greater Alchemy spells! Alchemy is a new utility spell which lets you destroy an item in your inventory and converts it into 10%/20%/30% of its shop price worth in gold. This could be considered how you can 'sell' items in AoD now.
- LesserAlchemy can be purchased in the town magic shop for a mere 100 gold. The two more powerful versions of the spell can only be found in the dungeon, though.
- The Dash spell is now available from some drop tables.

Dropped item protection
- In some contexts, items dropped on the ground are now temporarily protected so only the owner can pick it back up.
- Dropping an item with ctrl+w protects it for 5 seconds. This should make reorganizing your inventory safer to do.
- When you cast an Alchemy spell, the item is dropped and protected for the duration of the spell. You can pick up the item to cancel an accidental alchemy.
- When Alchemy converts an item into gold, the gold is protected for 30 seconds.
- When the game attempts to force an item into your inventory and your inventory is full, it will put the item at your feet (unchanged). That item is now protected for 5 seconds.
- Gold dropped by the Troll and Spider bosses for each participant (see change in Boss Changes) is protected for 1 minute.

- There is now a Safe Deposit Chest in town behind the fountain.
- You start with 1 slot in the chest that can hold an item.
- You can buy each new chest slot with /upgradeBank, it costs 5000 + 5000 x [the number of slots you have previously bought] gold.
- There is no limit on total bank slots, but the price ramps up pretty quickly as you could see above.
- Items in the bank chest are safe through death, obviously.
- Donors of $4 or more start with an extra bank slot, donors of $10 or more start with two extra bank slots instead. These extra slots don't count towards the /upgradeBank price.

Rare novelty items
- There is a new assortment of rare novelty items to be found in the dungeon to give you new worthless lategame goals!
- One of these items is a Boombox which can only be used by donors of $12 or more, but it is only one out of many novelty items that can be used by everyone. If you find a Boombox you could probably sell it to a donor for a steep price.
- There is also an assortment of Electrk's musical instruments to be found.
- And there are a few things that are totally secret! One of these secret items might even have practical gameplay use! Who will be the first to obtain some of these super rare items?

Bug fixes and other changes

- The wizard and swordsman NPCs have had their responses updated to be more accurate.
- Replaced a couple music tracks.
- The dungeon timer messages now also include random tips.
- The town orb now sends you farther outside of town.
- Reduced the ghostlimit to hopefully reduce instances of players crashing due to high memory usage. This might cause ghosting to break if the game produces too many bricks, but we'll just have to see if that actually happens or not.
- Antipoison potions now have item icons.
- Gold and EXP are now handled as 32-bit integers, so there shouldn't be any instances of having huge amounts of gold/EXP losing precision in calculations.
- Fixed a bug where doing /acceptTrade a second time could reset your current trade.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to be marked as a player killer if you hit someone and they died to unrelated causes later on.
- Fixed miniboss music sometimes stopping while fighting the Mantis miniboss.
- Fixed a bug preventing spells from doing all their intended effects.

I have posted this a day early since this is such a massive update. The servers should go up sometime tomorrow. As an adjustment to the old hosting schedule, we are now including Mondays by default as part of the 'weekend' and so AoD will be hosted from sometime Friday to Monday night every weekend. This should hopefully give people who work weekends or whatever a window of opportunity to play.
So glad to see this back, YES! Thanks pecon!
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