Welcome to Age of Dungeons!

Age of Dungeons is a multiplayer RPG dungeon crawler. It features a massive randomly generated dungeon with multiple floors and increasing difficulty, tons of weapons, spells, and three primary combat playstyles. As you progress further into the dungeon you'll encounter new mechanics, secret items, enemies, and bosses. The tutorial you are greeted with upon spawning in the server can help you get started!


  • Pecon - Majority of programming and mechanic design

  • Conan - Substantial code additions, tons of models and assets, building

  • Magus - Models, Building, Artwork

  • APX - Original music

  • Gunny - Models

  • Carbon Zypher - Models

  • The Brighter Dark - Building

  • Zeustal - Building, inspiration, resident cat

  • Trinko - Building, item icons

  • Arekan - Sound effects

  • Tophat - Q/A testing, balancing, carousel screenshots

Special thanks

ArmyUnit - Bug playertypes, many of which are public

Irrel - Small model donations

Yuutryn - Small model donations

Swollow - Small code donations

Jetz - Support code

Port - Support code

Siba - Old brick models

Mr. No├čody - Old potion models

Amade - A couple specific models

Peejester - A couple specific models

Demian - Old staff model

Spong - Carousel screenshots

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