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This page was created to document the various songs that can be found in Age of Dungeons.

Most of these songs can be played through the in-game Boombox.

Old Town Music

Currently, in-town music is a rendition of this, remixed by Darksaber.

Aggressive Guards Music

The Floor One music was composed by APX and can be located here: Floor One Music

Troll Boss Music

Troll Boss End Music

Floor Two Music #1

Floor Two Music #2

Spider Boss Music

Spider Boss Death Sting

Spider Boss Room Music

Floor Three Music

Cursed Knight Boss Music

The Floor Four music was composed by APX is currently not available to the public.

Old Floor Four Music

The Excavator Boss Music

The Exavator's Completion Music

Floor Five Music

Old Floor Five Music

FrostFire Mage's Boss Music

The Oathbreaker's Boss Music

Floor Six Music

PvP/Miniboss Music 1

PvP/Miniboss Music 2

PvP/Miniboss Music 3

Gram Book Music

Gram Miniboss Music

Death Music

Boombox Exclusive Music