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Specializing in close quarters combat while tanking attacks left and right, melee-class players form the bulk of the frontline. While they're impervious to most attacks, they're relatively weak when it comes to casting spells and dealing with ranged enemies, and can still fall when faced with too many foes.

There are five melee weapon tiers, and five melee types. The five melee types are as follows: dagger, shortsword, battleaxe, longsword, and spear. The five melee tiers are: bronze, iron, steel, mithril, and adamantite. Mithril and adamantite weapons aren't purchasable in town and are instead a rare drop from bosses/minibosses or dungeon shops.
To use a melee weapon's special ability, you must equip a melee-class armour.

Here's the details surrounding the various melee types:
Daggers have a fast equip time and high DPS potential, but lacks in terms of range.

- Special ability: Dagger Throwing - Shoots 3 daggers in rapid succession. Damage is based on material tier. Perfect for dealing with pesky acid spitters. Cooldown of ~5 seconds.

Shortswords have a basic equip time, damage, and range. No upsides or downsides, they're perfect for any situation.

- Special ability: Buckler - Hold out a shield which will block most incoming projectiles, slightly reduces incoming melee damage, but slows the player down immensely. Players can still swing while having the buckler out. Increases your survivability.

Battleaxes utilize a two swing combo. First swing deals less damage but strikes in a wide arc and can hit multiple enemies. Second swing will only hit one target, but deals massive damage.

- Special ability: Combat Roll - Dash towards target. Perfect for closing the distance.

Longswords have a long equip time, but offsets that with a large hit range and high damage output. Make the downtime between equips worth it.

- Special ability: Sweetspot Potential - Attacking near the edge of its range will deal extra bonus damage. Increases your damage output even more while ensuring that you'll take minimal damage in the process.

Spears have a long equip time and cannot hit targets at point blank, but can hit targets at a distance. Decent damage output. Longest hit range out of all weapon types.

- Special ability: Dodge Roll - Dash backwards away from target. Perfect for ensuring that you're still within the range to deal damage.

For the purposes of this table, all weapons' tiers are together in one entry. They'll be separated by a / to indicate a different tier.

Type Damage per second Gold Cost
Dagger ??? 1/400/1500/5000/9000
Shortsword ??? 100/410/1550/5100/9100
Battleaxe ??? 110/420/1600/5200/9200
Spear ??? 110/420/1600/5200/9200
Longsword ??? 120/430/1650/5300/9300

Additionally, there are Legendary Swords.

Melee Armor

Name Gold Cost Positives Negatives
Leather Armor 500 Decreases damage taken by 15% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Lowers Spell Damage by 20%

Cuirass Armor 1000 Decreases damage taken by 6+30% Lowers Mana Regen by 20%

Can't cast spells

Plate Armor 7000 Decreases damage taken by 10+40% Lowers Mana Regen by 30%

Can't cast spells

Heavy Plate Armor 20000 Decreases damage taken by 20+50% Lowers Mana Regen by 50%

Can't cast spells

Holy Knight Armor Crafted Decreases damage taken by 12+35%

Increases Spell Damage by 5%

Decreases Mana Regen by 10%

Most armours can be bought in the town shop or as drops from the various bosses. Heavy Plate Armour can only be earned from a legendary pedestal or as a rare boss drop.